Our country, Aotearoa, is important to us. This is where our whanau live, our tamariki thrive, and where our future generations will grow up. A land filled with life, natural beauty, creativity, and many different vibrant cultures.

For us at Tin's Thai Chilli, it is deeply important that we are making a difference in Aotearoa by caring for the environment. “Aotearoa is my home,” Lily says. “this land provides for us and sustains us in so many ways. It is important that we bless our land in return by protecting it.”

With this in mind, we reduce our impact on the environment by packaging our Thai chilli sauces in glass bottles, providing a Bottle Return system. This means, when you have finished your chilli sauce, we can sanitise and reuse the bottles again and again. Simply, drop off your empty and cleaned bottles to the locations below, and they will be sent back to us, ready to be sanitised and refilled again with flavoursome and spicy Thai Chilli!


Bottle Return Locations:

To minimise our food waste, we use all of the chillies leaving no seed or skin behind! Zaw says, “In my culture, we eat everything! It can be seen as disrespectful for us to leave anything on our plates, as it is seen as a waste of food”. At Tin's Thai Chilli, we prepare our freshly and locally bought coriander using as much of the stem as possible, leaving only the root to throw in the compost. 


We also ship all our online orders in plastic free packaging (cardboard boxes and compostable courier bags).