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We make authentic Thai Chilli Sauce using fresh local ingredients. Our sauces are very versatile, adding delicious South East Asian flavours to any dish. Our chilli sauces range from ‘Hot’ to ‘Thai Hot’, our specialty is keeping the authenticity of Thai heat to our sauces!

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About us

Tin’s Thai Chilli is a thriving business based in Nelson, New Zealand. At Tin's Thai Chilli, we love to make a variety of extremely hot and authentic Thai chilli sauces that perfectly balance the salty, spicy, and sour flavours. Owner of Tin’s Thai Chilli, Lily Tin began making chilli sauce because her husband, Zaw, missed the seriously hot chilli he used to eat with his family back in Thailand. "My husband unfortunately had to flee from his country, which meant leaving a lot of his culture behind. This encouraged me to help remind Zaw of his culture the best I could, and I know food is hugely important within the Asian culture.” Lily learnt the techniques of making chilli sauce through the support of Zaw and his family. "Each night they would teach me about the different flavours, textures, and techniques to make an authentic South East Asian Chilli Sauce. This has been so special to the Tin’s as this was also how they were taught by their family elders." Lily is now making and selling her chilli to reach out to those who also miss the taste of home and to share the delicious flavours of SouthEast Asia.

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